Best Places In Rajasthan to Explore

Rajasthan Cities Guide:


Jaipur is the beautiful city of Rajasthan that is also popular as Pink City. The significant attractions of this city include palaces and hills. The stone colors that are exclusively used in this walled city are of pink color and so it is named as pink city. The bazaars in Jaipur sell blue pottery, leather shoes, dye and tie scarves along with several other exotic wares.  A well-situated circuit is itself formed by Western Rajasthan in Thar Desert’s heart shaping its lifestyles, history and architecture.


Jodhpur city was formerly the capital of Marwar’s princely state and is Rajasthan’s second largest city. Mehrangarh fort borders its western side and Umaid Bhavan that is sandstone palace lies on eastern side. One can explore comprehensive grandeur depicted by the gardens, temples and monuments of Jodhpur. This city is also located along with Jaisalmer and Bikaner on primeval silk route linking Northern India and Central Asia with Gujrat’s seaports that has made it 16th century’s major centre for trading. When it comes to salt, wood, agricultural crops, camels and cattle, Jodhpur still serves to be the foremost centre.


Bikaner was established in 1488 and this desert is assembles on an elevation that is surrounded by a long wall perforated by five gates. This city is dominated by a remarkable fort that was built by Raja Raj Singh between 1588 & 1593. The best time to explore this splendid city is between October to March since the weather is pleasant during this time and one can explore the city while enjoying the trip.


The city of Bharatpur is a fortified impregnable one that is also famous at present on account of Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary that is located nearby. This place is believed to be once the royalty’s shooting preserve and is perhaps India’s most spectacular sanctuary of water-bird. Bharatpur palace is the remaining one from the royal past remnants of this place that
rich repository having several ancient exhibits dated back to early 15th century.


Ranthambore is situated at Aravali Hills foot and is popular for the Ranthambore National Park. Under project Tiger, this is a popular tiger reserve. The Rajput valor’s history is blended by Ranthambore with natural scenic beauty where one can enjoy great and memorable holidays.


A vibrant picture is evoked by the name of this city of brilliance and sheer magic of desert.  As per the legend, the foundation of Jaisalmer was laid in 1156 A.D. by Rawal Jaisal. For establishing this new capital, his old fort was abandoned by Jaisal at Lodurva.


This popular city stands on Lake Pichola banks and has palaces of white marble. This city is counted among India’s most idealistic cities.


Aijpal Chauhan has founded Ajmer in 1100 A.D. and the name is derived from invincible hill Ajaya Meru as the city is standing at the foot of this hill.

Mount Abu:

The marble temples carved exquisitively are famous in Mount Abu that is Rajasthan state’s pretty hill resort.